12 Things your Rottweiler asks of you…



1.   Be the leader. Be clear about what you want, and I will follow you to the ends

of the earth.

2.   I cannot speak your language. Give me time to understand what you are

asking of me.

3.   Tell me when I do something right. Instil confidence in me. I thrive on it.

4.   Talk often to me. Even if I do not understand your words, I understand the tone of

your voice.

5.   I depend on you for everything. Feed me, house me and nurture me to

the best of your ability, for I will always give to you to the best of my ability.

6.   If you must be angry with me, forgive me quickly. You have lots of other

things that will bring you reward. I only have you.

7.   Know that I will always remember how you treat me. I will repay love and respect with love

and respect. And I will repay anger and resentment with anger and resentment.

8.   Remember, before you raise your hand to me, that I could crush your bones with ease, but

that I choose not to do it.

9.   When we are working, remember that I too am a sentient being and not

a robot. I may be feeling uncomfortable from my last meal, I may have

been in the sun too long, I may have a heavy heart, or I may not be

feeling 100% today.

10.  Be with me when the going is rough. Everything is easier when you are by my side.

11.  My life passes much quicker that yours. I live about 10 years for every one

that you live. Remember this when you think about whether to include me in

what you do, or not.

12.  Take care of me when I am old, for you too will be old one day. And the

memory of us together may be your only comfort at times…